Do you know that you have the opportunity to secure grants for digitalizing your business or enhancing your online presence, for $2,400 or $15,000?

Applications for the Boost Your Business Technology grant are currently closed.

Due to a high volume of interest, the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) Boost Your Business Technology grant is fully subscribed and is no longer accepting new applications. If you have a valid CDAP grant agreement, you can continue to work with us and submit your claim for reimbursement once your Digital Plan is complete. Be sure to check when your agreement expires and submit your claim before that date to remain eligible for the grant.

The CDAP Grow Your Business Online
grant remains open for applications.

The Canada Digital Adoption Program is here to offer financial assistance for business digitization

Did you know that the Canadian government is providing grants to small and medium-sized businesses to facilitate their digital transformation? Explore the opportunities presented by Canada's Digital Adoption Program (CDAP). These grants, which can range from $2,400 to $15,000, are customized to suit your business needs. Enhance your e-commerce capabilities, elevate your digital marketing strategies, and transform your operations. Our team of experienced digital advisors is here to guide your business towards a successful digital future. Get in touch with us today for a FREE consultation!

The Grow Your Business Online Grant: If your business has a minimum revenue of $30,000 & at least 1 employee, you can be eligible for a $2400 grant
The Boost Your Business Online Grant: If your business has a revenue of more than $500,000, you can be eligible for an interest-free loan between $50,000- $100,000 along with a $7300 wage subsidy and $15,000 towards a business consultation and plan development

*Businesses must meet the eligibility criteria to qualify.

As certified Digital Advisors, we are here to assist you in leveraging this thrilling program! If you qualify for either pathway, have inquiries about the grants, or wish to understand precisely how your business can reap the rewards, get in touch with us today!

How we can help

  • Grant eligibility assessment
  • Grant application support
  • Business Requirements Analysis & Assessment

The Digital Adoption Plan Process

1. Determine eligibility

2. Contact us to have your plan created

3. Submit your plan & receive funding

4. Apply for a wage subsidy & an interest-free loan and a $2400 grant


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