What Makes your Internet Marketing Efforts Sloppy?

  • Posted on January 27, 2014 by admin

Internet marketing in Vancouver is an important aspect of promoting and marketing a business. Many online marketing experts make common mistakes related to the optimization of their website. These SEO mistakes can prove grave and cost your online business dearly. Let’s take a quick look at the pints that we have to focus on to prevent SEO mistake while promoting our businesses online.

Do not Neglect


Many SEO experts leave out the website optimization task for the final stages. It is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make as it can hamper your chances of developing an search engine friendly design and programming of the website. Even while developing the content, it is important to use keywords and their synonyms to make them search engine friendly. Moreover, the use of alt tags, image tags, H1 tags, interlinking of content pages are some of the many things to be kept in mind for SEO-friendly websites.

No Common Keywords

One of the other common mistakes made in SEO is the use of common keywords for promotion. If we use common keywords in the content, then we are trying to target a market which is already quite saturated. Many SEO people believe in the use of keywords that are popular and constantly used on other sites; whereas, common keywords help you to target only a saturated market which is being targeted by various other websites.

Proper URL Usage

If you are in the habit of using a content management system then you might make the mistake of using URLs that are meaningless or lack effective keywords. URLs which have numbers or improper naming in them mislead the users. One needs to use clever URLs that have a meaning and tell the reader what the webpage is all about. URLs that contain keywords are all the more useful in terms of optimizing the website on the search engines.


Repetitive use of the same keyword is also a major concern with the SEOs as they tend to stuff a lot of keywords on the same page. Google is also likely to red mark your website or disapprove of such SEO tactics. One can use LSI keywords and synonyms of the keywords instead of using the same keyword again and again. Your content stands a better chance to rank high on the search engines and also attract quantitative and qualitative traffic to the website.

Unique Keywords

If you cannot think of unique keywords for different title tags, then probably you will land up using the same keywords for each title tag. It becomes absolutely important that you pick unique keywords for different title tags that correspond to different web pages. The quality of the keywords used in the title tags determines the ranking for your web pages to a great extent.

Proper Image Usage

Many websites use images in place of headings. It gives a good impression on the reader but the images are not easily read by the search engine spiders. They need text that they can crawl easily. Even then if you wish to use images in place of headings then be sure that you add alt tags to the images. If you are using text for headings then they should big and in block letters.

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