Top 5 Questions that will act as Website Marketing Tips for Small Business Owners

  • Posted on September 23, 2014 by admin

Are you running a small business? Here are some wonderful tips to get started with website marketing. Business owners having a small business can get better results with their websites following these wonderful marketing tips.

Ask these questions that will offer you successful tips for website marketing.

1. Is Your Website Capable of Generating Leads?

The main aim of a website should not be to make sales. Instead, it should focus on capturing more leads. Each page on your website should be aimed around attracting new leads by acquiring name and email at the very least.

2. Do You Practice Email Marketing?

Talking about ‘website marketing’ means including everything that happens online and that incorporates email as well. As mentioned above, your website’s first motive should be capturing new leads. Once you are successful in having those new leads, you require building an email marketing follow-up system to get in touch with them.

3. Have You Built Search Engine Presence?

It is pretty clear that you should have something for which people can visit your website again and again. Therefore, you should create lots of content to get more website visitors and that too, without compromising on quality. Always remember that your prospects use Google everyday to look for what they wish. Showing up in Google results needs to blog about lots of topic your customers search. It is the most reliable ways to build your presence and get email leads.

4. Are You Able to Differentiate between Old and New SEO Rules?

If you have already conducted some research about Online Marketing, it is good to learn a few important things about SEO. Just make sure that you are able to make a distinction between outdated SEO strategy and latest SEO strategy. The old SEO stuff is unstable and manipulative. It mainly focused at link building and other weak practices. The new SEO stuff is about value and quality. It is all about content, reputation and authority.

5.  Are You Active on the Top Social Media Sites?

A large crowd of your prospects is always engaged in using Google. What if when they are not using Google? This is the time when they are involved in using social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest. You need to mark your presence on at least 3 of the above mentioned 5 social networking sites. Ideally, you should update them several times every week.

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