The Top 14 Influencer Marketing Essentials for SEO Success

  • Posted on August 26, 2016 by admin
Top 14 Influencer Marketing Essentials for SEO Success

When it comes to the art of SEO, online marketers need to look beyond focusing only on keywords. There are far more marketing essentials needed nowadays for SEO success.

Popular search engines, such as Google and Bing, constantly update their algorithms and their algorithms have moved away from looking at only keywords. Keeping on top of the marketing essentials you need for SEO success will ensure that your online site stands up against your competitors.

Here are the top 14 influencer marketing essentials for SEO success today:

1. Good Quality, Relevant Content

Make sure to use good quality, relevant content which your readership will find engaging.

2. Quick Page Loading Time

Check that your site pages are loading quickly, so as to avoid high bounce rates.

3. Add Outbound Links Sparingly and Choose Carefully

Include outbound links, but do so sparingly and make sure to direct them only to well respected and relevant sites that your readership will be interested in.

4. High-Quality Optimized Images

Use only high quality, optimized images to grab the attention of online visitors, as poor quality images will only deter them from your site.

5. Removal of Broken Links

Make sure to fix broken links, so that visitors are not faced with 404 error code messages.

6. Easy Navigation

In order to enhance user experience and avoid unnecessary bounce rates, make sure that your site is easy to navigate.

7. Straightforward Check Out Process

In order to avoid cart abandonment, keep your checkout process simple.

8. Mobile Friendly

A big part of today’s population uses their mobile devices in order to access information and products, so make sure that your site is mobile friendly.

9. Relevant Keywords

Keywords are still a big influencer for SEO, but they need to be relevant.

10. Social Media Channels

Include social media channels on your site to go where the people are.

11. Include Professional, Relevant Video

Video is a creative way to captivate an audience and promote brand awareness.

12. Targeted Audiences

Target the right audience for your business brand as an efficient means of boosting SEO.

13. Use ALT Tags

Include ALT tags with your images and video, so that search engines can crawl these elements.

14. Use Analytics

Use of analytics can help you measure what’s working and what needs improvement.

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