Social Prospecting: How to Find Leads with Social Media

  • Posted on October 13, 2016 by admin

Social media can be of great value to any online business, if proper techniques are applied for social prospecting. Once you know how to find leads with social media and your social media strategy is in place, online business growth is inevitable.

So how does one find leads with social media? Here are some key elements to follow:

Focus On the Right Social Media Channels

While at first it may seem logical to post your business profile on every single social media channel out there, it’s far more effective to focus on the right social media channels where your target consumers tend to gather. Some of the top social media networks include Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. Try exploring the popular social media channels and see which ones are producing higher numbers of likes and followers (leads).

Provide Timely Responses To Readership

In order to keep readership coming back, make sure to provide timely responses to questions, comments and concerns.

Post Engaging and Relevant Content

Posting tacky sales-like content in the face of online visitors will only repel potential leads. Make sure to post engaging and relevant content that captivates readers to come back time and time again and to share it among those they know in their social media circles.

Provide Links to Your Other Social Media Channels

There is no shame in providing links to your other social media channels within your blog, contest announcements, subscription newsletters, etc.

We all know Rome was not built in a day, and social prospecting for the goal of finding leads with social media falls under that same category. It will take some time to put in place a social media strategy that will help find leads and convert those leads to customers, but with a little patience and perseverance you should see positive results.

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