Page Linking Strategies to Get More Leads

  • Posted on March 18, 2017 by admin
Page Linking Strategies to Get More Leads

If you find that your website is not getting any leads, you may want to incorporate page linking strategies.  People typically want to action something when they visit a website, so by adding hyperlinks to CTA’s, other points of interest on your site pages, or other domains for sources of reference, you’re essentially enhancing the user experience, which will help generate more leads over time.

Incorporating page linking strategies can provide the following benefits:

• Builds Credibility

Including a hyperlink to a reference citation or external publication lets website visitors  know content is not hearsay, but credible information.

• Keep Users Engaged

A useful page linking strategy is to include hyperlinks to both other relevant articles or blogs tied to your own website, as this keeps users engaged and catches the attention of  popular search engines like Google (in a good way).

• Enhances SEO

If you incorporate relevant and credible page links throughout your website, and links to your website in your content marketing, Google’salgorithms will see your site as having more to offer and in turn will reward your website with higher SEO rankings.

• Boosts Conversion Rates

Adding a hyperlink or two in complement with your CTA’s can be an effective means of gently encouraging site visitors to move through the process of purchasing items. In addition, hyperlinks can speed up the purchasing process for potential buyers by making it easier for them to buy and go.

It is important to note there is a need to strike a balance when including hyperlinks to pages, as you don’t want to overpopulate your website with hyperlinks, giving the perception that your website is to spammy, and your SEO ranking will suffer as a result. Use page links where it makes sense (provides value to the user).

Using effective page linking strategies which only include adding relevant, credible, non-spam like keywords can do wonders for your website if you are not getting any leads, so consider reviewing your website for page linking opportunities today.

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