Inbound marketing is best way to get customer to your door

  • Posted on July 5, 2013 by admin

Inbound marketing outperform outbound sales methods not only in quality but also in the cost to acquire new customers for your business. As per as the latest survey, companies spent 61% less compare to  out bound marketing with blogs, social media and organic search maintained the top slots as least expensive elements for inbound marketing .


 For any business Inbound marketing can help – getting visible getting leads and growing business.blog2

Marketing can help you to adjust your goals and budgets on real time basis and seeing the result surprisingly in weeks. However, to make this marketing work for your company in long run you need to make to continuous monitoring and tweaking the marketing campaigns aligned to the need of your business.

Here are 10 of the best ways to use inbound marketing to drive results this month:

1) The first priority in inbound marketing is given to attracting the customers. If you have a website, it will not work wonders for you, unless it gives out the right message to the visitors. A website that can catch the attention of the visitors and keep them glued to it provides more value for time to them. If a visitor is looking for a solution, then your website should be an answer to their query. The information should be plain and simple in words, attractive in look and feel etc.

But what is important to note that one has to make this impression in real quick time, before the visitor leaves your site for your competitor’s site.

2) Your calls to action are not only for converting the business. If you add a simple contact form, then the chances of it being used are quite minimal. One needs colourful, graphic, and pleasing images, icons, and catchy banners and headers to functions as interesting calls to action. If you are conversant, it might work, and if you mean business and are classy, it could still work.

Calls to action placed strategically and impressively on the home page as well as other pages of the website, is a sure shot way of gaining from the leads generated through them.

3) If you have used “Contact Us” forms on your website and only received a handful of queries, then it was time you gave good offers and information on your website. One can offer whitepapers, brochures, ebooks, podcasts and other educational material and even invitation to online events such as webinars to interest the visitors as well as get a response from them.

Not everyone is ready to contact you just after paying a visit to your website. You can develop a stronger bond with them by providing them with educational material and other informative content.

4) Blogging is a wise choice, if you do not have a blog already for your website, then add one today! It gives voice to your business and establishes your credibility in the market. One needs to regularly update their blogs (at least 3-4 times in a week) as fresh content is added to the website. Google also rewards sites updated with fresh content and there is high probability of improvement in the search engine ranking of the website.

The blog can be used to bring your thoughts and perspective to the forefront. It can also engage the prospects and ultimately convert them to leads.

4) If you are active on the blog, then why not tell the whole world about it. You can rope in friends, family, colleagues and just about anybody with whom you are connected on the social media networks. You can share your blog posts on the social networks that also lets you bridge a gap between you and your business prospects. You can provide valuable information and quality content to your prospects on the social media channels.

Blog posts can be shared on the different popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. You can expand your connections in this manner and also convert these prospects into leads on your website.

6) LinkedIn will interest you more, as you can share blogs, educational material and other information with the LinkedIn Groups. You can easily find your prospects, connect with them and engage them with high quality content. You can also drive quality traffic to your website in this regard. There are separate LinkedIn Groups for different industries with a large number of registered members.

You have to identify the groups that match your prospect, join them and share your blogs and other informative content with them.

7) Dedicated landing pages that are used for website optimization. They can easily convert visitors into leads. They are specifically added to the website to generate more traffic and leads. No navigation will be added to the page as it will solely focus on one single product or service and its description.

Provide quality content and good information in exchange of the contact information of the prospects.

8) If you have grabbed the lead, then it is time to start its nurturing. Through regular and meaningful correspondences, try to strike a rapport with them. Email campaigns can be started with download links for educational material. Inbound marketing is all about taking your marketing efforts further by engaging and then converting the leads. Nurturing a lead helps in converting them into buyers, and this is done through emails and quality correspondence.

Provide quality information and don’t be too pushy with your lead.

9) Identifying the websites that your prospects share your link or information on, can be valuable in bringing the visitors from those websites to your website. The moment the prospects share your whitepaper, blog or informational content anywhere else on the web, there is backlink generated t your site. You can trace the backlink and share more quality information on these sites to engage the visitors and get them hooked to your website content and educational material.

10) One you are sure that you are on the right track, try to analyze and track your progress. You need to be technical and methodical in this aspect to analyze the results and where your efforts are currently headed. This requires analytics, testing and creation of content time to time.

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