How important is The Convergence of SEO and UI Goals for Mobile Users?

  • Posted on July 27, 2016 by admin
SEO and UI

In today’s modern digital world, e-Commerce businesses are beginning to realize the importance of providing good quality and highly relevant content through their websites, in order to satisfy Google’s algorithms and improve their own SEO rankings.

With mobile technologies dominating the online search landscape, website designers and online business owners arelooking beyond SEOmarketing strategies,as they are beginning to realize how important the convergence of SEO and UI goals for mobile users are to their overall business success.

Both mobile technologies and Google are rapidly shaping the ways in which users interact with the Internet. As mobile devices vary, in terms of screen sizes and resolutions, site designers are having to use sophisticated means of designing sites which enable users to access site information from their handheld device without barriers.

Enhancing the mobile user experience is critical to e-Commerce businesses,as more and more users are using mobile technologies for accessing information and the services they want. In addition, Google rewards sites that place emphasis on enhancing user experiences. By providing mobile users with great UI experiences online, businesses are rewarded with improved SEO rankings and potentially boosted conversion rates in return.

New mobile technologies are continually evolving, so in order to keep up with the ever-changing needs of existing and potential consumers, e-Commerce businesses are now steering their marketing efforts beyond that of only SEO and focusing attention on UI goals for mobile users.

Skilled site designers know that UI has a huge impact on how online users engage with websites and they know how to design with the mobile user experience in mind. If you own an e-Commerce business, consider focusing on the convergence of SEO and UI as failing to do so will very likely hinder your revenue, incoming traffic, and online reputation amongst mobile users.

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