How do Website usability audits help in Meeting Your Business Goal?

  • Posted on August 11, 2014 by admin

Time holds more value than anything else in the world. Doing an online business requires everything to be done timely. We all wish to gain profit through our business. Despite adding every possible feature to your website, sometimes it does not seem offering the desirable results.

Isn’t it a great idea to know quickly what is wrong with your website? If you agree then website usability audits are worth-considering. Website usability audits are necessary to improve the conversion rate.

Website usability audits

Let us have a look how website usability audit helps your website.

Design- Share Your Business Story

A website is the online face of the company. It must have a professional look with appealing design. A website usability audit helps in analyzing design factors like brand guidelines, optimization, graphics and load time. If your website has a welcoming design with proper functionality, it increases targeted traffic and market share.

Accessibility- Let Users Reach You

It has been observed that many sites have accessibility issue for visually impaired. The standards for the accessibility are well-defined. If your website is falling short of any of these requirements, it may turn off your visitors. A website usability audit highlights areas of improvement and allows remedial work to be carried out. It acts as a prioritized action plan that suggests what requires to be done and what you should expect as a result.

Content- Have the Right Tone of Voice

A website usability audit brings out the issues related to content. Besides finding common grammar and spelling errors, it also covers more esoteric aspects like usefulness, relevance and accuracy of the content. An audit report also throws light on the style of content to check whether it is in sync with target audience or not. It brings your site an honest appraisal of the online presence as compared to your direct competitors.

Navigation-Help Your Visitors Move Easily

Navigation is an important part of any website. If your website is infused with features like professional design, suitable theme and appealing colors but has poor navigation, it may divert your customers. You need to ensure that the site has proper navigation and no broken links. An effective audit improves the visibility of website and branding in the parts of the internet which are used by your target audience.

Code-Using the Right Code

The website usability audit report caters to the issues associated with the code behind the site. It may address to both types; obvious and less obvious. For example, perhaps the website is built on an e-commerce platform or content management system platform which is outdated. It may develop problems to be reported by one or more browsers. An audit helps to report the errors which are necessary to improve your website and thus improve long term positioning. It also helps out in analyzing whether the code is properly optimized to run efficiently, especially when it is accessed by many users at the same time.

In a nutshell, we can say that assessments on the above mentioned elements can make a difference in the conversion rate. The valuable findings by website usability audits can drive considerable improvement in your website’s performance, which as a result increase traffic. Contact an expert like Web Marketing Vancouver for the best audit solutions and enjoy your business success.

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