Five Factors for Global SEO Success

  • Posted on September 26, 2016 by admin

Search engine optimization is one of the prime areas where you can promote yourself on the international stage, as long as you follow the right methods.

In an age where customers can come from virtually any country and still be interested in your product, or service, extending your reach is an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up. Here to help is our list of the top five factors for global SEO success.


One of the most basic of our five factors for global SEO success, is to keep your website text non-geographic, meaning that there is no obvious relationship to a country. This allows you to appeal to a much wider audience, enhancing your SEO ranking in other countries.

Consider language

When considering language, try to avoid using slang or country-specific terms where possible. If your budget stretches, you may also want to consider offering multiple language translations of your website, which can open you up to vast number of new clients.

Unique content

Not only specific to global success, good SEO principles revolve around creating unique content. While there may still be other tips and tricks that exist to help boost your search rankings, the mainstay of our five factors to global SEO success is unique content, and plenty of it.

Don’t try to be smart

In previous eras, search engines could be tricked by unscrupulous methods to raise a website’s search ranking. However, after years of algorithm refining, search engines have become considerably smarter when it comes to detecting these practices, with many of them now punishing you for attempting these techniques.

As a result, you should stick to creating unique and regular content around your desired keywords, or seek a specialist SEO company for more advanced methods.

Utilize available tools

Lastly, there are a number of great tools out there to monitor keywords, with your performance and search ranking also included. These tools should be utilized as much as possible, as it is extremely beneficial to have regular reports on your targeted keywords, allowing you to judge your success as you progress.

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