Avoid These Six Big Mistakes New Brands Make that Negatively Affect Their SEO

  • Posted on August 10, 2018 by admin
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It’s not uncommon for new businesses brands to make some pretty big mistakes that have a negative effect on their SEO. If you’re like other emerging brands looking at ways to avoid mistakes when it comes to SEO, right from the get-go, then you’ll want to avoid these six big mistakes:

1. Keyword Stuffing

Using too many keywords which are not relevant to your target audience will negatively affect your SEO rankings.So will overusing your targeted keywords, to the point that your content is annoying to read and doesn’t flow naturally.

2. Too Many Links

Adding links with little to no regard for the quality or variety of the link sources will certainly hinder your SEO efforts.

3. Neglecting To Optimize Images

Popular search engines like Google notice bounce rates, so neglecting to optimize images, such as product photos, will only hinder your ability to improve your new brands search rankings. If potential customers leave because your load times are slow, you not only lose their business, you signal that your site is not providing a good user experience.

4. Not Producing Good Quality Relevant Content

Google penalizes websites which do not publish good quality and relevant content, so avoid this mistake to prevent negatively affecting your SEO.

5. Neglecting To Measure And Analyze SEO Performance

Implementing SEO strategies without measuring or analyzing SEO performance makes it impossible for new brands to determine which strategies are producing good results and which are not.

6. Not Keeping Up With The Latest In SEO Trends

Falling behind the eight ball when it comes to the latest in SEO trends will negatively affect SEO. New brands need to utilize as many effective SEO strategies as possible in order to keep up with well-established competitors.

Companies marketing their new brands must ensure they avoid mistakes that will negatively affect their SEO, as failing to do so could ruin their ability to establish a reputable, solid online presence. Take the time you need to establish, implement and analyze your SEO strategies and your search engine rankings will improve over time.

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