5 Simple Ways to Get Your Website Noticed in the SERPs

  • Posted on June 24, 2018 by admin
5 Simple Ways to Get Your Website Noticed in the SERPs

As an online business owner, you may be wondering how best to get your website noticed in the SERPs, especially given that popular search engines like Google constantly change their algorithms and expectation for websites (making it all that more challenging for you to figure out what you need to do to prepare your site).

Here are 5 simple ways to get your website noticed in the SERPs:

1. Use Long tail Keywords

Given that long tail keywords comprise the majority of searches performed via Google, it makes good sense to use long tail keywords in your content.

2. Generate More Content

A simple way to get your website ranked ahead of competitors in the SERPs is by generating more good quality content than they do. Remember, the more content you generate, the more pages get indexed and the more traffic you bring to your site.

3. Be Mobile Friendly

As most people nowadays use mobile devices to access information online, Google expects your website to be mobile friendly, and if it’s not, it will be most difficult to get your website noticed in the SERPs.

4. Optimize Site Loading Speed

There can be a multitude of reasons why your site may be slow to load, such as no caching or poor hosting, but whatever the reason may be, make sure to optimize your site for quick loading,so as to not hinder user experience.

5. Enhance Navigation And Usability

If your website isn’t showing up very well in the SERPs, check your navigation and overall usability of your site for users. If your website is difficult to use, your high bounce rates will alert Google and in turn will negatively impact your website being noticed in the SERPs.

Obtaining high ranking in the SERPs cannot happen overnight, even if you were to initiate all types of SEO strategies. Taking time to implement some simple ways to get your website noticed in the SERPs and doing regular analysis and adjustments along the way will in turn make a positive impact with your site rankings among SERPs.

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