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5 Need to Know Marketing Automation Stats

A well formulated marketing strategy is not a single variable function, but rather a combination of multiple elements all working together toward a common goal – increased sales. By outsourcing some of the more time-consuming tasks to automation, your marketing team is freed up to use their time in the most efficient way possible. And the numbers don’t lie; here are 5 marketing automation stats that prove automation should be a part of your online marketing strategy:

Most Businesses are Already Using Marketing Automation

A recent survey performed by Social Media Today found that 75% of businesses are currently using some degree of marketing automation to streamline and focus their marketing to individual users. An additional survey from Liana Technologies found that of those not currently employing any form of automation, 40% planned on investing in the technology in the near future. That means that if yours is one of the businesses not using marketing automation, you may find yourself falling behind.

More Than Half of Marketers Feel They Can’t Keep Up With Automation

With so many business jumping on the marketing automation trend, those who have yet to adopt the technology feel that they cannot keep up. A recent report published by Walker Sands found that 56% of marketers felt that they were not able to perform as efficiently as automated counterparts.

The Majority of Businesses Experience Positive Results Within the First Year

Not only are businesses adopting marketing automation technology in vast numbers, but the majority of them are seeing positive results within the first year. Data gathered by Marketo shows that 76% of marketing professionals realized a positive return on their investment after 12 months. Further data showed that 44% of marketers saw positive ROI within the first 6 months.

Leads and Conversion Rates are Significantly Higher with Marketing Automation

With the overwhelmingly positive results, what areas have benefited the most from marketing automation? Data collected by Invespcro show that qualified leads and conversion rates are the biggest winners. 80% of marketers said they realized increased leads and 77% found that they benefited from an increase in conversion rates after the implementation of marketing automation technology.

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