5 Essential SEO Strategies That Can Give You a Competitive Edge Over Others

  • Posted on September 7, 2017 by admin
5 Essential SEO Strategies

Some of the most instrumental online strategies for effectively growing your online business are those pertaining to SEO.

Due to rapid advancements in technology, and changes in consumer behavior, SEO strategies can be a moving target for digital marketers, as popular search engines like Google update their search algorithms, in tandem with these continual changes.

Though it is challenging to keep up with the latest SEO tips and strategies, it isn’t impossible to narrow down the essential strategies which can give you a competitive edge over others. Here are 5 essential SEO strategies that you will want to consider using:

1. Content from Social Media Channels

When it comes to enhancing SERP rankings, it is best to look at ways to expand your good-quality content, as far as you can,so as to maximize visibility among search engines. One of the best ways to do this is to have your content included across as many social media channels as possible.

2. Use Good Quality Video

Not only does incorporating video within your website generate interest and engagement among site visitors, but Google now crawls and indexes content from videos, which can give your website an added boost in the search rankings (if you have videos added).

3. Voice Search

In an era where convenience is expected by today’s consumers, voice search is steadily   increasing in popularity, as a means for online users to execute searches for information they want. Google includes voice search in their algorithms. Consider including voice search friendly content (use longtail keywords, and steer away from traditional types of keywords).

4. Include Value-Based Content

By creating value-based content (content that is of interest and high-quality to readers) that is directed to a targeted audience, you will attract incoming traffic to your site and, in turn, catch the attention of search engines (in a good way).

5. Use SEO Tools

In order to effectively optimize your website for SEO, you need a means of assessing what is currently working well, in terms of strategies, and what might need adjusting. Through the use of SEO tools, like SEMrush, you can obtain important data, such as link errors, cross comparison of rankings among competitors, etc.

If you want to achieve a successful marketing campaign for your online business, you will need to remain diligent in keeping up with the constant changes in marketing strategies, including SEO.

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