4 WordPress Errors That Can Negatively Affect Your SEO

  • Posted on November 16, 2018 by admin
4 WordPress Errors

Online business owners know the importance of SEO and know that without effective SEO, their websites would suffer greatly in terms of online search ability and visibility in all the major search engines, such as Google.

In order to ensure that WordPress does not negatively affect your SEO, it’s critical to avoid certain WordPress errors. Here are 4 WordPress errors that can negatively affect your SCO efforts:

1. Too Much Keyword Usage

Adding keywords for the sake of adding them can negatively affect your SEO performance among search engines. It’s best to only include relevant keywords which will engage your target audience.

2. Targeting Only Highly Competitive Keywords

If you are targeting only highly competitive keywords in your content, you are likely going to invest time that is essentially wasted, as your content will have difficulty appearing anywhere near the top of search page rankings, or may not even rank it all for that matter. It’s best to research how competitive keywords are and move forward with including longtail keywords which will be less competitive in the digital search engine arena.

3. Adding Too Many Affiliate Links

Popular search engines such as Google deliver penalties for websites which include too many affiliate links, so it’s best to refrain from adding unnecessary affiliate links and instead create landing pages for specific content, products, etc.

4. Your WordPress Settings Are Incorrect For Search Engine Indexing

Within the WordPress dashboard there is a setting that can prevent search engines from indexing your site which is essentially results in your site being unsearchable within the Internet search engines. In order to ensure your website is visible and is being indexed by search engines make sure to navigate to the WordPress dashboard under settings then reading and continue to uncheck the “Discourage search engines from indexing this site”.

If you find yourself frustrated with the SEO results you are getting you may have created some common WordPress errors that can negatively affect your SEO performance. Take some time to analyses where you can fix any WordPress errors and you should see some SEO improvement over time.

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