4 Ways to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search

  • Posted on June 5, 2017 by admin
Website for Voice Search

Ready or not, voice search is becoming one of the most popular means for people nowadays to execute their search queries online.

Due to the constant evolution of technology, digital voice systems have made significant leaps in their overall accuracy. While digital voice technology was considered more of a novelty in its infancy, it is steadily becoming recognized as being the future for Internet search, and a cutting edge platform for e-Commerce businesses to stay ahead of the game.

In order to ensure your website is optimized for voice search, consider these 4 elements:

1. Optimize for Local Search

Voice search provides hands-free convenience for people on the go, and many people are using voice search to search for both specific and general locations they need to get to. To meet the needs of today’s consumers you’ll want to optimize your site for local search using specific keywords that help users locate what they’re after, such as “Bookstore in Vancouver.” Some people will use voice search to identify a general area for a location such as “Bookstore near me” in which case you’ll want to include “near me” in your selection for keywords.

2. Include Natural Language Type Keywords

Voice search differs greatly from conventional search in that, instead of using long full descriptive sentences, only longer keywords are used for search. The best way to include key words for effective voice search is to take a conversational approach. Choose keywords which people would speak naturally such as, “Am I overweight for my height?”

3. Enhance Metadata

In order to support effective voice search on your website, you will want to submit a sitemap to popular search engines, such as Google, as it will make it easier for search bots to find and interpret your content.

4. Design for Mobile

With the popularity of mobile devices among consumers, people tend to use voice search primarily on mobile. You can avoid unnecessary bounce rates and lowered page rankings among search engines simply by designing for mobile.

It is in the best interest for e-Commerce businesses to optimize their website for voice search capabilities, as this enhances the user experience by providing both convenience and assistance for today’s busy consumers. Get ahead of the competition and prepare your website to cater to the voice search revolution.

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