4 Smart Ways to Generate Quality Facebook Lead Ads

  • Posted on August 2, 2017 by admin
Generate Quality Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook is the most popular among social media platforms and, in fact, has over 1.71 billion users (active every month), giving online businesses access to a large online pool of potential leads.

While there are a number of other social media marketing channels available to attract consumer attention, using Facebook lead ads is one of the best ways to generate traffic and obtain quality leads to your website. Here are 4 smart ways you can generate quality Facebook lead ads, which will help bring your online business to new heights:

1. Use Simple Images

You want to include images for ads which attract user attention, but in a good way. Try to include simple images, such as a smiling person or adorable baby/pet, and refrain from adding images with too much complexity, which are visually overwhelming.

2. Use Headlines Which Are Creatively Eye-Catching and Relevant

Your Facebook lead ads should include headlines which are descriptive and catchy to the eye, such as “2-for-1” or “Free!”. Another great way to jazz up your headline is to include your company logo.

3. Use Bright Colors, Borders, and/or Shadowing

Your Facebook lead ads should include bright colors, borders and/or shadowing in order to stand out and grab the attention of online users. Given that Facebook utilizes blue and white in their color scheme, it makes sense to stay clear of using these colors for your ads.

4. Utilize Facebook Ad Targeting

By targeting your Facebook lead ads by users interests or categories, you are able to boost your overall ROI from these ads.

Once you have set up your Facebook lead ads correctly you will begin to see an increase in quality leads to your website. Remember to continue to monitor ROI so that you can see what is working and/or what needs improving, with respect to your Facebook lead ads. By maintaining the latest in Facebook ad optimization techniques, you will end up with a qualified long-term lead acquisition strategy that will prove fruitful for years down the road.

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