4 Modern E-Mail Marketing Tactics That Leverage Business ROI in Vancouver

  • Posted on October 21, 2015 by admin

All too often, people are faced with an inbox which is inundated with annoying spam e-mails and, even after tweaking the settings of spam filters, they somehow seem to manage a way to elude the junk folder.This may leave businesses to wonder “Is e-mail marketing still an effective tactic these days?” E-mail marketing can be highly effective, if modern e-mail marketing tactics are used.


Here are 4 modern e-mail marketing tactics that will leverage businessROI:

1. Relevancy

Make a point of keeping e-mail relevant to the target audience. Sending people e-mail that isn’t of interest to them is essentially pointless, from a business standpoint, and annoying for the e-mail recipient.

2. Cleanup E-Mail Lists

Be diligent in regularly cleaning out bounced e-mail addresses, inactive contacts or duplicate e- mail addresses. Practicing e-mail hygiene will make e-mail marketing much more effective, as focus will be placed on engaging interested consumers.

3. Integrate Social Channels

Integrating social media with e-mail marketing can take a viral effect. Adding social icons such as Facebook or Twitter within e-mails essentially shifts a business’s campaign from the inbox to social media users worldwide.

4. Optimize For Mobile

Given the number of people who use their mobile devices for accessing information it is extremely important to optimize e-mail for mobile use. Chances are, non-mobile-optimized e- mail will be deleted immediately, never to be seen again.

Having a powerful e-mail marketing strategy can make a world of difference in terms of business success. If your company wants to get on board with an effective e-mail marketing campaign contact a professional company such as Web marketing Vancouver who can provide the right marketing strategies to engage target audiences and boost your overall business ROI.

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