10 Fast and Easy Ways to Get Google Reviews for Your Online Business

  • Posted on October 31, 2017 by admin
Google Reviews for Your Online Business

Running a successful online business is no easy feat, as there are so many facets to consider ranging from web design, content strategies, generating traffic, SEO, and a whole lot more. One very important goal,however,for any online business is the ability to gain as much exposure and visibility on the digital landscape as possible. One great way to achieve this goal is by getting Google reviews.

Here are 10 fast and easy ways to get Google reviews:

1. Ask Customers for their Review

Send a quick e-mail to customers, post purchase, which includes a URL to your Google review page.

2. Use Printed Marketing Materials to Get More Reviews

Include a URL to Google review on all of your printed marketing materials, such as business cards, brochures, receipts

3. Use Your Own Website to Generate Reviews

At the footer of your website include an easy to spot button which, once clicked, takes your customers to the Google review page.

4. Use Google Review Link Generator Tool

By using the Google review link generator, you will receive your own unique Google ID for your business, which is a customized URL that can be dropped into your website as a link for customers to complete a review.

5. Use Social Media Channels for Soliciting Reviews

The beauty of social media is that it can reach a wide audience, so take advantage of these platforms and include a URL to Google reviews.

6. Use Google My Business

Google My Business enables customers the ability to provide/access reviews about your business when your business appears in both maps and searches.

7. Provide Incentives for Reviews

Consider offering a random prize draw to those who submit a review.

8. Never Include Fake Reviews

Internet savvy users will know quickly if you have posted fake reviews on your site, so never include false reviews, as it will dissolve your company credibility.

9. Respond to Negative Reviews in a Timely Fashion

If online users have noticed you haven’t taken the time to respond to previous negative reviews from others, they will have the impression that your company does not care about customers’ comments/experiences. Respond to negative reviews ASAP, so customers know that if they take the time to provide a review they will be heard.

10. Solicit Reviews from Other Business Partners

Consider soliciting reviews from other industry business partners to get more Google reviews.

Boosting your business brand can easily be done with the use of Google reviews, so employing strategies to increase the number of Google reviews for your business is a wise move.

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