What Business Owners Need to Know About SEO in 2017

  • Posted on November 2, 2016 by admin

Most business website owners know at least a bit about SEO, but may not necessarily know the extent of its importance to their overall, online business success. At one time, many years ago, SEO often denoted the practice of utilizing keyword stuffing and adding overly keyword-laden content to websites. Once Google introduced their algorithms, which reward quality content and penalize frivolous keyword stuffing and spam-like content, they essentially put to rest these old ways of executing SEO practices.

What business owners need to know about SEO today is that the following are critical elements to an effective SEO strategy:

• Design for Local

Given the prevalence of mobile technology, mobile search has become extremely popular for consumers. designing a website which includes local business information, such as address, phone number, local map, etc. enables mobile users to conduct a local search in their area and quickly find a business near them. Adding local capability on a website generates additional website traffic and in turn improves search engine rankings.

• Adapt to Change

Business owners need to know that popular search engines, such as Google, consistently update their algorithms and, as such, online businesses must be prepared to adapt to these changes, by way of updating their SEO techniques and strategies.

• Keywords Are Relevant

Although the old days of keyword stuffing are long gone, relevant keywords are important for ranking among the well-known search engines. Relevant equals quality in the eyes of the search engine giants, such as Google and Bing.

•High Bounce Rates Equal Lower Search Rankings

Online business websites which experience high bounce rates are not only a strong indicator of loss of potential profits, but also a sign that rankings among search engines are likely to be low or nonexistent. Investing time to determine what may be causing a spike in bounce rates and making the necessary changes needed, will only benefit SEO.

These are only a few key elements of what business owners need to know about SEO in 2017, but if taken into consideration and implemented, they can improve website ranking success, throughout the year and beyond.

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