The Three Keys to Successful Mobile Marketing in 2016

  • Posted on February 25, 2016 by admin
The Three Keys to Successful Mobile Marketing in 2016

Running a successful business these days involves adapting to rapidly changing technology and marketing landscapes. In order to reach toward success in today’s highly competitive retail world, you need to look beyond traditional marketing for brick and mortar establishments and digital marketing aimed at desktop websites.

According to Facebook research, 73% of people have their mobile device with them at all times, including when they are shopping. This is a big reason why consumer shopping behavior has taken a significant shift from PC to mobile platforms. With this big change in consumer behavior, businesses need to focus on mobile marketing in an effort to take part in this market share. Here are three keys to successful mobile marketing in 2016: 1. Optimize Your E-Commerce Site For Mobile Access People want to be able to access information and obtain products with ease and, more often than not, they are executing these needs through their mobile devices.

In order to meet the needs of mobile consumers, make sure to have your website optimized for mobile access. People should be able to view content and navigate without frustration using their handheld devices. 2. Mobile Search Enhancements Mobile app development is steadily increasing in popularity, and will likely continue to grow as a prosperous mobile marketing strategy in 2016. In continuation with Google’s wants for businesses to continually improve user experience, Google app indexing provides added incentive to mobile app owners, as online exposure is further enhanced. 3.

Really Understanding Your Target Audiences Through deep and thorough analysis, you can gain valuable data on who your target audiences are, such as what makes them tick, what devices they use to access your site, when they access your website, the frequency at which they access info, the pages of your site that attract and hold attention, etc. This analytical data is valuable in that you can shape your content to fit your audiences, resulting in greater odds of future conversions. Although there are different ways to develop your mobile marketing strategy, the three keys noted above will definitely help your business meet the global industry trends in mobile marketing in 2016.

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