How an Integrated Online Approach can bring more Success to your Business?

  • Posted on November 5, 2014 by admin

In the modern digital world, businesses need to utilize the potential of an up-to-date website and regularly updated social media platforms. If both are practiced and most importantly, accurately, more can be gained. With millions of businesses competing for online space, as a minimum need, you should ensure keeping pace with what your competitors are doing.

A business cannot gain success only by focusing on its websites or social accounts. To gain success, they need an integrated online approach for pushing for conversion and establishing great connections with their customers.

Let’s understand how an integrated approach combing website and social media can do wonders to your business.

Multiple Marketing Channels can Aid


Your website is the face of your company. Interested customers are likely to find you on search engines first. Later, they might visit your website by typing in the URL. While this simple process is wonderful for your business, there are numerous ways to boost your site traffic like social platforms.

The most dominant networks include Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest that can help your business in multiple ways. This includes drawing in new custom, creating added brand exposure, guiding customers to your website, increasing your followers and online reputation and responding to customers’ enquiries.

With social media platforms feeding traffic to your website, your business gets a better opportunity to gain more customers and drive more sales.

Never Look for a Substitute

Many businesses have a website, so how do you differ! Most of the businesses already had a site before using social media as it is relatively new.  If your business is only using social media, it should not be considered as an alternative to your website.

In fact, both of the platforms differ. Social media platforms are amazing for customer interaction, while your site is important for suggesting the details about your company and business. The website helps you share the details of your products, services and brand.

If you wish that your business should be accessible to wider audience, refrain using only social media. Rather, setup a website and use it besides social media. Give your audience facility to reach you through the channel they like. Using website and social media will strengthen your marketing power and sustain you for decades.

Continue with Content Distribution

Content is a vital factor to help driving traffic, improve search engine rankings and assist in conversions. If you have a site and social media, content can do wonders to your business. It assists in creating a cohesive marketing strategy which is sustainable too. It can act across both important elements.

For instance, on-page content like blog and videos are a great addition to your website. If they can be shared on social platforms, it shows an effective marketing strategy. Reach to wider audience and promote your brand across multiple channels.

If you are new to social media, use content and make it a regular activity.  For any brand, building an online community is important and content can help you engage with your followers.

Take help of pictures and keep the content short and crispy to attract more visitors.

Pay Attention to User Experience

Online users move across various channels and as a result, companies need to prove a consistent experience to them. Social channels are great for driving traffic to your sites, but your site should also aid in driving traffic to your social accounts. It helps in improving rates of engagement and the amount of shared content while establishing a seamless link between the two channels.

Cohesive Marketing Campaign

If you use social media more frequently, you can contribute in brand building. If you still do not have social media presence, then you have to make the transition. Presence on social media and integrate what all you do on your website and vice-versa ensure to have a sustainable marketing campaign for future.

In the unpredictable world of online marketing, you need to be prepared now to keep pace with competition. Make use of both the channels as soon as possible.

Integration can bring more Results

If you are using one of them (either website or social media sites) without integrating the two, you are restricting your chances of great success. Using them together in a strategized way can help you target more customers and ensure they can reach you with the method of their choice.

In a nutshell, this approach can work wonder but only if your sites and social media channels are regularly maintained. Get optimum benefit of both the channels to mark a strong online presence of your business and gain profits beyond imagination.

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