7 Helpful Marketing Podcasts to Improve Your Business

  • Posted on December 28, 2018 by admin
7 Helpful Marketing Podcasts to Improve Your Business

Running a business takes constant effort and in order to keep up with today’s competition, you need to constantly look at ways to improve your business along the way.

There are many resources for business owners to rely on to obtain helpful tips and strategies for how to improve a business, ranging from books, website articles and blogs, to business courses, etc. A great resource for busy business owners who wish to learn new ways to improve their business are marketing podcasts, as marketing podcasts are typically 45 minutes to 90 minutes in duration and can be listened to while commuting to work, during a lunch break, or any other time that is convenient.

Here are 7 helpful marketing podcasts you can listen to, which will help to improve your business:

1. Perpetual Traffic

This podcast provides digital marketing strategies for business owners looking to acquire more leads, conversions, and pay per click advertising revenue.

2. Social Pros Podcast

One of the most popular and well-known of podcasts relating to business improvement is social pros podcast. Every week, interviews with social media experts from well-known companies are featured, to discuss and share stories of their successes, failures, and analysis of social media channels.

3. How I Built This

A polished and professional podcast that provides weekly interviews with founders of large multibillion-dollar companies,who discuss tips and suggestions on building a successful business empire.

4. The $100 MBA Podcast

A perfect podcast for the busy, on-the-go business owner, the $100 MBA podcast is a short, 10-minute podcast that gets to the nitty-gritty on best practices, business concepts, and strategies.

5. Beyond The To Do List

Businesses of all kinds face challenges along the way and this podcast focuses mostly on failures experienced by business owners they have on as guests. A great way to improve your business is to avoid common mistakes and this podcast helps you learn ways to tackle issues, with respect to goals, productivity, etc.

6. Copyblogger FM

If you are looking for a podcast that delves into content marketing, copywriting, conversion optimization, personal productivity, etc., then this would be a suitable and helpful marketing podcast for you.

7. Marketing Over Coffee

This podcast is hosted in local coffee shops every week and focuses on both traditional and modern business marketing strategies.

If you looking for a convenient way to learn new ideas for improving your business marketing, then marketing podcasts can be a great tool. A quick search on the Internet will provide you with a number of podcast options for you to choose from.

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