5 Ways to Turn Your Social Media Followers into Brand Ambassadors

  • Posted on July 21, 2016 by admin
5 Ways to Turn Your Social Media Followers into Brand Ambassadors

The digital world continually evolves and e-Commerce businesses need to stay abreast of the latest marketing techniques which work best for driving online profits, or face falling behind their competitors.

When it comes to boosting your company brand, it’s important to look beyond just your website. One of the most powerful and influential ways of promoting your business products and services is through the use of brand ambassadors via social media channels.

Social media has dominated the digital landscape for a while now and does not appear to give any indication of simmering down in terms of popularity among internet users. With social media playing such a big part of people’s lives, online businesses have the opportunity toconnect their brand with online social communities that build stronger consumer relationships.

Here are 5 ways that you can turn your social media followers into brand ambassadors:


A great way to encourage followers to share, or like your social media content is to offer discounts and promotions in exchange for their “sharing” or “likes”.


One of the ways that you can foster a deeper relationship with followers on your social media channels is to simply reply back to comments, or uploads in a timely and consistent fashion. Followers like to know that they are being heard and will appreciate it.


Keep social media followers in the loop on new business products through creative and interesting communication tools, such as an attractive and informative monthly newsletter, which followers can download, or share to peers.


Adding the #Hashtag symbol to your website is a simple and effective means of guiding followers to your various social media channels. Make sure to include your Hashtag symbols for all social media outlets that you utilize, so it encourages followers to share their comments and stories.

Social media platforms create powerful breeding grounds for brand ambassadors who can advocate for your business brand, generate a larger audience and boost potential for greater financial growth.

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