5 Smart Tips for How to Improve Your AdWords Conversion Rate

  • Posted on March 27, 2018 by admin
How to Improve Your AdWords Conversion Rate

Millions of businesses around the world use AdWords as a means to reach out to new consumers and grow their business monetarily. If your company currently utilizes AdWords to generate revenue, but is looking for ways on how to improve your company’s conversion rate, consider these 5 smart tips for improving your conversion rate using AdWords:

1. Conduct keyword research

It is crucial to conduct keyword research in order to determine not only which keywords people are searching for online, but also to find out how many other of your competitors are targeting those same keywords.

2. Understand What isa Good AdWords Conversion Rate

If you don’t truly know what a goodAdWords conversion rate is, you won’t have a clue as to whether or not yourAdWords are performing well. According to Google, a conversion rate of 2 to 3% is considered “typical” for an AdWords account.

3. Include Keywords in Ad Headlines

The big advantage to including keywords in ad headlines is that it indicates additional relevance, which in turn encourages greater CTR’s and improved search engine rankings.

4. Use Ad Extensions

Two advantages of using Google ad extensions are they provide extra helpful information for online users who are conducting searches on SERP’s, and your ad is displayed in a larger area, which in turn provides better ad positioning. Some of the ad extensions you can use include location extensions, review extensions, call extensions sitelink extensions, etc.

5. Ad Scheduling

Making a point to schedule your ads during the peak hours when you’re target audience is on the Internet is the smart thing to do to improve your AdWords conversion rate.For example, it doesn’t make sense to target corporate enterprises after business hours. In order to make the best decision with respect to scheduling your ads, make sure to analyze your results and see where your conversion rates were performing well and where they weren’t, and make adjustments accordingly.

Today’s businesses need to use every tool in the tool box in order to remain competitive. With careful utilization, analysis and monitoring, you can improve your AdWords conversion rate for greater business success.

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