4 Ways WordPress Provides SEO Benefits When You Publish Your Content

  • Posted on May 4, 2017 by admin

Making your site visible to search engines is critical to getting your website noticed by potential customers. Out of the many content management systems available for businesses to choose from, many have decided to build their sites using WordPress,due to the fact that it provides many SEO benefits.

Released in 2003, WordPress has matured over the years from being a software platform designed for personal blogging to nowadays hosting powerful corporate websites. Here are 4 ways WordPress provides SEO benefits when you publish your content using their software platform:

1. Search Friendly URL Structure

WordPress offers its “permalink” feature, which essentially handles the creation of SEO friendly URLs. You can choose to activate automatic generation of URLs for your site pages/posts, or manually provide custom URLs relevant to your content.

2. Quick To Create And Publish Your Content

WordPress was innately designed for the purpose of creating and publishing content, so it is built to ensure that users can develop and publish their content quickly. The more relevant, quality content you can produce, the better your SEO rankings will be with search engines.

3. Optimized Content And Site Structure

When it comes to having effective SEO, your content and site structure should be well organized so that it is reader friendly. WordPress works well for structuring your content, by organizing it into different categories, pages, blog posts etc.

4. SEO Friendly Themes

WordPress offers many professional themes that can be used as website templates. Most of these WordPress themes are SEO friendly, in that they are quick to load, are mobile responsive, include robust security, and are built with optimized coding.

Additional benefits of using WordPress for SEO can be found easily by doing a little research on the Internet. If you are looking to publish your content with the hopes of obtaining higher page ranking among search engines, and increasing traffic to your website, WordPress would be anexcellent choice for you.

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