4 Tips for How to Build Your Website for Customers (Not For Yourself!)

  • Posted on May 10, 2018 by admin
4 Tips for How to Build Your Website for Customers

Too often, building websites for online businesses revolves around what the business owner wants in terms of its functionality, overall look and feel, etc., but nowadays it is customers who should be in the driver seat when it comes to website design elements and usage.

Since the introduction of mobile devices,such as the smartphone and tablet, there has been a pivotal change in the way consumers purchase goods and services they want and need. The change in consumer behavior,along with advancements in technology,has redirected the way websites are now designed.

Incorporate these 4 tips on how to build your website for customers, rather than for yourself:

1. Sensible Layout and Easy Navigation for Online Users

Two of the most critical elements to your website for online users areyour website layout and navigation. Make sure to provide a layout for your website that is clear and appealing to the eye, which prominently displays information that is most relevant to your customers. When it comes to navigation, put yourself in the position of an online user and navigate your own site to see if the flow for accessing links to information on one page transitions well to another.

2. Publish Content Your Users Will Find Relevant and Interesting

Content that may be interesting to you may not necessarily be of interest or relevance to your target audience, so if you want people to find your website useful, make sure to only publish content your users will find of interest. Focus on highlighting what you offer, as opposed to going on at length about your company history and views.

3. Include Images Your Customers Will Find Appealing& Useful

There are many company websites that focus on images illustrating their own company, but customers aren’t visually well-served by these types of photos.In order to attract the eye of online users, and provide visual value, you want to incorporate custom, high-quality imagery that can essentially tell the story of what your business offers and the products it sells.Including imagery that adds value and information to online users is a great example of how to build your website for customers and not for yourself.

4. Design Your Website for Mobile Access

Today’s consumers depend on their mobile devices to source out service providers and products they want to purchase, so it is critical for you to build your website for mobile access. A mobile-friendly website ensures that your site visitors can easily read, navigate, and use your website without issue, regardless of screen size.

Once you know how to build your website for customers, rather than for yourself, you will place your online business in a better position for achieving online success.

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