3 Top Ranking Factors To Optimize Your SEO

  • Posted on October 3, 2018 by admin
3 Top Ranking Factors To Optimize Your SEO

Every year website owners need to keep up with the latest in SEO strategies, and Google’s algorithm updates,in order to ensure their website is fully optimized to meet SEO standards for the year.

Here are 3 top ranking factors to consider to optimize your SEO:

1. Content Quality

Ensure that your website contains quality content that is both interesting and relevant to your target audience. In addition, you want to ensure your multimedia elements, such as video and images, are optimized as well in your content, as Google considers these elements when ranking websites.

2. Backlinks

Including backlinks (but not link overstuffing) is an essential factor to optimize your SEO . The key to including successful backlinks is to prioritize quality over quantity, as failing to do so could penalize your website in search rankings. Include backlinks which only connect to reputable and relevant websites.

3. Mobile Friendliness

Given that Google places mobile search over desktop search, it is not surprising that one of the top three ranking factors to optimize SEO is a websites mobile friendliness. Make sure to use responsive design with your website, and that your mobile content is as valuable as what is shown on desktop, to meet the rankings criteria Google sets for today’s websites.

Having a website that looks good is simply not enough to guarantee incoming traffic to your website and secure good positioning in search rankings. SEO ranking factors set out by popular search engines like Google are constantly changing with each passing year and today’s businesses need to stay on top of such changes in order to keep up with evolving algorithm requirements. While these above-noted three top ranking factors to optimize your SEO are important to consider, there are a number of other ranking factors (over 200 in fact) to be aware of and considered when reviewing and updating your SEO strategies.

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